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100% plant-based bottles- Better for the environment, better for you.

Updated: May 4, 2023

At Durham Farms, we understand that an eco-conscious lifestyle is not just a trend, but a value system we would all like to adopt. Our award-winning A2 whole milk and new plant-based bottles perfectly accompany a regenerative lifestyle.

Our new 100% plant-based bottles are a greener alternative to traditional glass bottles. They require less energy to produce, store 3 times the amount of CO2, and are reusable, ensuring a truly circular economy. Our plant-based bottles have a carbon-negative footprint, meaning we store more Co2 than we produce in making them.

The reason we chose to switch from glass to plant based-bottles is simple: glass, which is made from sand, is an over-minded resource that drives erosion and flooding. The carbon footprint of a glass bottle is more than 23 times that of a plant-based bottle like ours. Our bottles are made from renewable sources, while petroleum-based plastics are made from finite sources of crude oil that contribute to waste pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

We've conducted extensive research to ensure that our plant-based bottles are environmentally friendly and enhance the taste and shelf life of our award-winning A2 whole milk. By choosing our milk, you are making a positive choice for the environment and your health.

Join us at Durham Farms in our mission to prioritize the health of the planet and yourself. We are thrilled to share our new plant-based bottles with you and continue our commitment to regenerative practices and high-quality organic produce.

You can order your milk here or visit one of our stockists

To find out more about our bottles, visit our manufactures website here

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