Durham Farms was founded by three families with a passion for growing organic food as naturally as possible. We apply a mixed farming approach with crops and livestock grown together. Everything grown on the farm is complimentary to one another, using a smaller agricultural footprint than most farms. This allows us to create tasty food which is good for you, keeps our soil healthy and looks after nature.


We have set aside at least 25% of the land under our guardianship as a protected, natural habitat for New Zealand’s amazing wildlife. We regenerate the soil, protect the waterways and are well on our way to planting 30,000 native trees and plants on our farm. 


Our goal is to make our way of growing and supplying food the norm in New Zealand, creating a fair, profitable approach for all involved, providing education and a worthwhile career in food production, starting on the farm, whilst ensuring that our beautiful, natural environment thrives.