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Our Story

Durham Farms was founded by families with a passion for growing food as naturally as possible whilst caring for the natural environment.  We apply an organic and regenerative approach to farming, to continually improve soil health and increase biodiversity. Over 30% of our farm has been set-aside to indigenous trees and plants, providing a safe haven for New Zealand's amazing wildlife.

Through our journey, we have met some incredible growers and farmers who share our passion to produce nourishing food for the better, We are proud to include them within the Durham Farms family, increasing our range of healthy and tasty products for you and your family to enjoy. 

By choosing Durham Farms products you are nourishing your body with the best that nature has to offer and supporting New Zealand organic and regenerative farmers who are farming for the better of the natural environment.

Thank you

Tania & Adrian

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Certified Organic 

The land under our guardianship is certified to the highest organic global standards. To be certified organic confirms we do not use nasty synthetic chemicals, including fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides, we are GMO free and we do not apply growth hormones or antibiotics to our animals. This reduces dangerous chemical emissions into our water, air, and soil and into the food you and your loved ones eat. In New Zealand, it takes up to 3 years for land to be certified organic and to earn the right to display the Asure Quality Organic Mark. We are annually audited to these standards by Asure Quality, an independent New Zealand Government Body. This is across the entire supply chain including the land, processing and distribution. The organic certification stamp on our products assures customers that the product you are purchasing was made using organic principles. At Durham Farms our unique Organic Certification number is 1140.

Regenerative Certified 

Regenerative is the ability to restore, renew or regrow. Being regenerative is more than being sustainable. Sustainable just maintains at a steady level without depleting natural resources or damaging the natural environment. However, sustainable is not enough when the natural resources have been depleted or the natural environment has been damaged. This is why the land under Durham Farms guardianship is managed regeneratively, to restore and grow the soil health and the surrounding biodiversity. To ensure we are doing it correctly, we take the expert advice of regenerative agriculture consultants who guide our on farm team. These independent consultants ensure we meet the regenerative agriculture requirements to allow us to be Enrich Regenerative Certified. This certification goes further than the land. To be truly regenerative requires humankind and business to be part of the natural ecosystem so that all three can work and thrive together. Durham Farms is on the journey to have all parts of it's business Enrich Regenerative Certified including processing, packaging and distribution. It's a long journey and we are learning, but we hope these small steps lead to a better future for all on this planet.

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