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Fresh from our farm

And like-minded growers

Tasty organic goodness to your home

Guaranteed home delivery of Milk, Eggs, Meat and Microgreens across North Island. We operate at all Covid level restrictions.   

Our milk, eggs, meats and greens grown on our organic farm in Waipu are of the highest quality with exceptional natural flavour. We believe you deserve the best quality food free from antibiotics, hormones, synthetic fertilizers and any other nasty chemicals. Not only is this healthier for you but our farming approach is helping protect our environment.​

Regenerative farming

As seen on Country Calender 27th June 2021

Durham Farms is located in the beautiful hills of the Brynderwyns in Waipu, Northland.
We grow amazing food as nature intended. Our organic and regenerative farming approach is underpinned by re-wilding and conservation of New Zealand's natural habitat.

​Our goal is to make our way of growing and supplying food the norm in New Zealand, creating a fair, profitable approach for all involved, providing education and a worthwhile career in food production, starting on the farm, whilst ensuring that our beautiful, natural environment thrives.


Find out more about life on our farm and our journey in producing delicious organic food watch the Country Calender episode here 

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