Essentials Organic Food Box

Essentials Organic Food Box


A handpicked box of our organic essentials including a mix of greens, salads and herbs along with our protein rich milk, eggs and beef products. We'll pick up the box and packing for re-use when we deliver your next order.


  • 2 litres Organic A2 Jersey Whole Milk
  • Dozen Organic Eggs
  • Organic Gourmet Salad (120g)
  • Organic Seasonal Greens (120g)
  • Organic Seasonal Herbs (20g)
  • 6 Organic Classic Beef Sausages (480g)
  • 12 Organic Beef Meatballs with Oregano (400g)


*Due to weather conditions there may be insufficient stock of Gourmet Salad. If unavailable it will be substituted with Organic Microgreens (60g) and Organic Seasonal Herbs (20g) 

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